CMA – Part 1

CMA – Part 1
2501 students

CMA Part 1


Self-Study Course
This course is based on number of recorded lectures covering the CMA Part 1 curriculum, according to the IMA announced Learning Outcome Statements LOS, using the best available educational and technological tools, that helps the CMA candidate to study, understand and practice in order to pass the exam in the smoothest way possible. Videos are built using a very simple presentations, terms and language to cover all knowledge levels required for CMA candidates, in order to be well prepared to pass part 1 exam. You will also be provided all updated materials for this purpose, in a form of handouts, using PDF formats covering all details for required CMA study contents, prepared by your instructor for this course, based on different studying sources and materials, in order to avoid being destructed and confused by using different sources of studying materials, and keep your attention only in one place

Course Content

  1. Introduction section:
    a. Introduce curriculum  and requirements of CMA presented by IMA links for the Learning Outcome Statements LOS, Content Specifications Outline CSO and CMA Candidate Handbook
    b. Colorful Mind maps representing the CSO of CMA curriculum
    c. How to study this self study course
    d. Handouts
    e. Two video lectures on how to register for IMA membership and related notes, plus a go through IMA’s documentations LOS, CSO and Handbook
  2. 195 video lectures of about 60 hours, divided into sections and subjects according to IMA’s curriculum.
  3. Finally, in order to practice each subject, you will find therefore at the end of the subject section a quiz in order to practice. Cancelled

If you dedicate enough time and effort to this course, you will be able to pass CMA part one exam comfortably.

Good luck to all candidates
I wish you all enjoy this course
CMA Instructor


Tarek Naiem, Financial Controller of a multinational company since 2005,founder and instructor of Efham CMA educational platform. Graduated from Alexandria University, Faculty of Commerce - 1998. Holder of CMA certificate 46664 issued August 2015 The mission of Efham CMA project is to provide a unique opportunity for all Arab people working in accounting field to develop their professional knowledge and upgrade their careers.

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  • Akram Hassan

    Akram Hassan,FMVA

    Highly recommended for who like self-study
  • mohamedkamal

    Thank you

    Many thanks dear Mr.Tarek for your great effort and supporting me and all other CMA student wishing to you the best
  • abode


    جزاك الله خيرا استاذ طارق
  • inergen

    Best instructor

    In my openion you are the best instructor in arab people
  • nader allam

    شكر وتقدير

    أود أن أشكر أ/ طارق نعيم علي مجهوده الراقي والمنظم منصة محفزة علي الدراسة والتعلم وأسأل الله تعالي أن يجعله في ميزان حسناته
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